Security Aspects To Be Taken Care Of While Designing e-Commerce Software

e-Commerce is a new boon of technology and with the aid of eCommerce and software kits for accomplishing eCommerce, monetary and financial transactions can be done within the flick of an eye and that too with a moderate or extraordinary level of security. Thus, designing eCommerce websites is of utmost importance at the present time. This article mainly deals with my experience of eCommerce website design I have gathered so far after working in an eCommerce development company.

The basic security

While working in an eCommerce development company the first thing I give importance before eCommerce design is the website security. A single security flaunt can be an alluring loophole for the hackers. Utilizing that particular loophole, the hackers may make the total project a complete disappointment. Thus, before completing a particular project, I make sure, that the website is full proof and do not contain any major loophole. But frankly speaking, it is not always easy to review a complete project after it is completed. It can be a hectic job. So, what I do is, I go through all the scripts that will run on that particular website once it is completed. I dry run all the commands that are present in a script, so as to make sure, it will work advantageously. Not only work properly, but I also ensure that the website is safe in a rudimentary aspect.

Exploitation tests data encryption

My next step for eCommerce web design security is running security exploitation tools so that I can ensure that the website is safe from a progressive level of exploitation from hackers. If there is any exploitation loophole detected, then it should be fixed and the step should be repeated. I design eCommerce websites, so that they are compatible with 128 bit or 256 bit encryption, to ensure maximum security while the website users may use public networks for their transactions.

Security at the clients end

I also provide additional security tools so that the users do not face any security problems on the user’s or the client’s end. Though a virtual keyboard is available on all the platforms nowadays, but most of the users may not know how to access it, or the advantages of using it. Virtual keyboard acts as a shield against key logging. Now what is key logging? Key logging, done with the help of key loggers is pieces of software, which can record the keystrokes done with the user’s physical keyboard.
These key loggers can be efficient enough to know the key strokes of the user, which may ultimately reveal the user’s PIN or password to a hacker. Thus, I provide a virtual keyboard interface on the website so that the users can avail the virtual keyboard with just a single click. I also try to keep the website safe with the help of advanced security systems from well-known and popular developers.


I also suggest the users, to keep their antiviruses and security tools updated so that they are efficient enough to provide security against all the popular loopholes. Thus, I personally think that working in an eCommerce development company is an exciting and eCommerce design is really a pleasure because it deals with great security tools and is extremely helpful for corporate sectors and personal users too.

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